Pleasure Prescribed

Pleasure Prescribed. That’s been Cerē’s motto from our inception, and that's why we (a team of physicians and scientists) embarked on this exciting adventure. As doctors, we believe that medical professionals should discuss (and stock) sexual health tools in the office. This includes vibrators, arousal gels, lubricants, and other tools that can facilitate sexual health and pleasure.

A recent NYT article agrees with our messaging. According to Dr. Rachel Rubin, “I think doctors should be prescribing vibrators, which are health aids, just like eyeglasses or hearing aids. The more we normalize them and educate patients in exam rooms about them, the better.” A systematic review by Dubinskaya et al. found that vibrators are an effective modality to “enhance a woman’s sexual experience, improve pelvic floor muscle function, and facilitate treatment of vulvar pain.”

By being the first physician-founded sexual tool company, with tools engineered by a team consisting of an OB/GYN, and a chemist/engineer/turned-doctor, we aim to normalize these conversations about sexual health. Our line of tools comes in minimalist, gender-neutral packaging inspired by medical products. Our devices are made of medical grade silicone, just like any other medical product we would trust. And the Enchantment Gel is doctor-developed, pH balanced according to vaginal pH, and thoroughly tested for safety (it passed the stability testing, as well as preservative/microbiology testing with flying colors). Plus, it is the first arousal gel whose efficacy was tested by ultrasound (showing blood flow to the clitoris), and backed by a medical study.

We will be at the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) Annual Meeting to continue this important conversation (March 2-5, St. Louis, MO). Doctors will be able to sign up for the Cerē Certified Provider List, which will allow them to stock our doctor-developed sexual health tools in their offices. To advance our mission of educating doctors and normalizing conversations about sexual health, we will also keep these certified providers up-to-date with the latest research and news in sexual medicine.