Spellbound Stimulator


This soft, nonporous, medical grade silicone tool uses quiet, air-wave technology to emulate suction and pulsation. Simultaneously, the other end can be inserted vaginally to stimulate the G-Zone. The angle of the Spellbound adjusts to adapt to your anatomy. Experiment with this tool's 14 modes (7 sucking, 7 vibration) to feel mesmerized from head to toe.

Colors: Onyx
Enchantment Gel Sachet:
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  • Physician-Developed
  • Solo or Partnered Play
  • Water Safe
  • Pulses
  • FAQ


    Each Cerē tool comes in a telescoping box. Simply pull upwards on the white box top to reveal the black box base, as shown in this video clip. You can find the instructions on the black box base.


    You can find a how-to video for the Spellbound Stimulator in our product images (on this page).


    To charge the Spellbound Stimulator, firmly insert the pin charger into the small round hole on the suction end of the device, indicated by a DC symbol. It is on the portion of the device near the CERĒ logo. During charging, the LED will continue to flash. Once fully charged, the LED will stop flashing.


    Clean before and after each use. Wipe with an antibacterial wipe or run under warm water and clean with antibacterial soap. Rinse under warm water and dry with a clean towel.

    What’s inside

    1x Spellbound Stimulator
    1x USB charging cord
    1x cloth dust cover

How to Use:

  1. G Zone Vibrator
    Press & hold the top button to turn on the vibrating function. Press again to cycle through the 7 vibrating settings.
  2. Air Pulse
    Press & hold the bottom button to turn on the air pulse function. Press again to cycle through the 7 air pulse settings.

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