Enchantment Gel


This award-winning intimacy gel is the first of its kind, developed by doctors and backed by a medical research study.

The luxurious formulation of l-arginine and l-citrulline increase blood flow, warmth, and pleasure. Chamomile promotes muscle relaxation, making it easier to reach climax.

Enchantment Gel won Beauty Independent's 2023 Beacon Award in the Product Innovation category.

  • Physician-Developed
  • Solo or Partnered Play
  • Designed with Sustainability
  • FAQ

    Is this a lubricant?

    Enchantment Gel is an arousal gel, not a lubricant, but is suitable for solo or partner play. After enjoying Enchantment Gel, if you want to engage in penetration, be sure to use a lubricant.


    Each Cerē product comes in a telescoping box. Simply pull upwards on the white box top to reveal the black box base, as shown in this video clip. You can find the instructions on the black box base.

    Did you really do a medical study on the Enchantment Gel?

    Yes! This is the first gel that's developed by doctors and backed by a research study. Using ultrasound, we saw that blood flow increased to the clitoris after using the gel. Our findings were published in Sexologies, the official journal of the European Federation of Sexology. You can read the pilot study here.

    How long does it take to notice an effect?

    Everyone is unique, but typically, blood flow starts to increase 1-5 minutes after applying the gel. The l-arginine and l-citrulline work synergistically to boost blood flow for about an hour.

    Where can I use the Enchantment Gel?

    You can apply the gel externally to any of the erogenous zones. Be sure to avoid contact with the eyes.

    Does it work on men?

    Enchantment Gel was developed for everyone. Based on the ingredients, people of all genders can notice an increase in blood flow.

    Is the Enchantment Gel free of parabens and sulfates?

    Yes! Our Enchantment Gel is:


    What is the pH?

    The pH is 4.53, which is optimal for the vulva.

How to Use:

  1. Pump a generous amount on designated external area.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura DeFraia

I love this stuff


Effect seems pretty short lived, have to reapply pretty often l. Pretty expensive.