Reverie Advanced

This soft, nonporous, medical grade silicone tool can be inserted rectally using lubricant to change the angle of your rectum. By proximity, changing your rectal angle can enhance the angle of the vaginal canal, giving way to new sensations you may never have experienced. This angle change, also known as making the vaginal slope more ‘steep,’ can make intercourse more enjoyable. This tool can also be used to experiment with safe anal solo intimacy.
Colors: Onyx
Enchantment Gel Sachet:
Add on an Enchantment Gel Sachet

This award-winning intimacy gel is the first of its kind, developed by doctors and backed by a medical research study. The luxurious formulation of l-arginine and l-citrulline increase blood flow, warmth, and pleasure. Chamomile promotes muscle relaxation, making it easier to reach climax. Enchantment Gel won Beauty Independent's 2023 Beacon Award in the Product Innovation category.

Small: 8 cm max circumference, 9 cm length (36.5 g)
Medium: 9.5 cm max circumference, 11 cm length (58 g)
Large: 12.5 cm max circumference, 13 cm length (119 g)

  • Physician-Developed
  • Solo or Partnered Play
  • Water Safe
  • FAQ


    Clean before and after each use. Wipe with an antibacterial wipe or run under warm water and clean with antibacterial soap. Rinse under warm water and dry with a clean towel.

    Why does Dr. Marashi call the Reverie the "angle rectifier"?

    Here is our blog post on the topic

    I have a "tipped uterus" (also known as a "tilted uterus" or "retroverted uterus"). Can the Reverie help me?

    Yes! You can read more on our blog. 

How to Use:

  1. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the rectifier before insertion.
  2. Slowly and carefully, insert the rectifier, making sure the flared base remains outside of the rectum.
  3. After each use, clean the rectifier using antibacterial wipes or soap.

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