Pleasure tools have been made in the shape of the phallus for 28,000 years.

In 2022, our team of passion-forward physicians created the first-ever vibrator in the shape of the clitoris.

The Lalalena has a glans, crura, and bulbs. This allows it to fit against the entire clitoris, and stimulate much more than the glans.

Color: Onyx
  • Physician-Developed
  • Solo or Partnered Play
  • Water Safe
  • FAQ


    Each Cerē tool comes in a telescoping box. Simply pull upwards on the white box top to reveal the black box base, as shown in this video clip. You can find the instructions on the black box base.


    To charge the Lalalena, firmly insert the pin charger into the small round hole on the side of the device, indicated by a DC symbol. You might encounter some resistance when inserting the adapter into the DC port, but this is normal. 

    Where can I read more about clitoral anatomy?

    Here is our blog post on clitoral anatomy.

    Where can I read more about the Lalalena?

    Here is our blog post dedicated to the first vibrator shaped like the clitoris.

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