Washing Your Pleasure Tools

Seventy percent of gynecologic visits are due to discharge, which is sometimes caused by infection. Pleasure tools have the potential to spread bacteria. To reduce the chance of infection, it's important to wash your tools before (and after!) every use.

Cerē tools are made from black medical-grade silicone to ensure any debris is visible after use. This encourages frequent cleaning to prevent common infections.

Our tools are safe to wash with soap and water. We don't recommend fully submerging them in water, since this can theoretically damage the charging port (although when we submerged them during our engineering tests, they were not harmed!). We designed the charging port to be tiny, and to accommodate a thin pin charger; we also reinforced the hole with a lip of silicone to prevent water entry.

All of our tools come in a cotton bag for storage. This helps keep them clean when they're not in use.

Dr. Marashi (founder of Cerē) was interviewed for The Healthy about the importance of washing pleasure tools.