Restoring the Vaginal Angle with the Reverie ("Angle Rectifier")

What is the vaginal angle?

The vagina is a muscular tube leading from the labia to the cervix. (You can learn more about the anatomy here). Around puberty, the angle of the vagina is relatively steep.

What happens to the vaginal angle over time?

Our skin loses collagen with aging. We often notice collagen loss in our face. But the tissues of the labia and vagina also lose collagen over time. Collagen loss with aging causes the vaginal angle to become less steep (flatter). Vaginal childbirth can also cause the vaginal angle to become flatter.

Why does it matter if the vaginal angle becomes flatter over time?

When the vagina is flatter, there is less contact with the clitoris during intercourse. In addition, a flatter vaginal angle can sometimes lead to less friction against the front wall of the vagina during intercourse. The front wall of the vagina is the location of the G-Zone (formerly known as G-Spot), a complex region composed of different structures involved in arousal. A portion of the clitoris makes up part of the G-Zone.

A flatter vaginal angle is a common cause of decreased sexual satisfaction with age.

How can we restore the vaginal angle?

Flattening of the vaginal angle is a natural process. However, it is understandable that some people want to correct this.

The vaginal angle can be corrected with surgery. One example is the Vagilangelo™ technique. This minimally-invasive technique, developed by Dr. Marashi, involves placing several sutures inside of the vagina to make it steeper.

The vaginal angle can also be restored with Cerē products, no surgery needed.

The Reverie is a rectal plug that is designed to correct the vaginal angle. By placing the Reverie into the rectum, by proximity, the vagina gets tilted and becomes steeper. 

The Reverie seems like a regular plug. What's special about it?

Like many anal plugs, the Reverie has a cone (which sits in the rectum), thin cylindrical waist (which sits in the anal sphincter and prevents the plug from slipping out), and a flared base (which sits outside of the body and prevents the plug from slipping too far into the rectum). 

While all plugs are intended for anal play, the shape of the Reverie was especially designed to correct the vaginal angle.

For the Reverie, the shape of the cone's base is optimized to put gentle pressure on the perineal body, which in turn tilts the vagina to an ideal position.

Like all of our products at Cerē, the Reverie is made of medical grade silicone.

The Reverie comes in three sizes: the Duo (small and medium) and Advanced (large).

You can find the Reverie here.