Say Oui to Oui!

 One pocket-sized toy with endless pleasure possibilities. Our physician-designed pocket vibrator is designed for exploring — in more ways than one. This small but powerful vibrator comes with a discreet slipcover, so it can travel wherever you go, and its dainty silhouette makes it perfect for unlocking new areas of pleasure. Oui is an incredibly versatile little tool, perfect for stimulating the nipples, perineum, clitoris, or any other inch of anatomy craving attention.

Its motor boasts 8,5000 RPM and 10 powerful vibrating modes!


Fully charge the Oui before use.

To turn on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. You can find the power button on the tip of the device. A faint light will illuminate under the power button. The Oui is now in active mode.

To cycle through the 10 speeds, quickly press the power button again for less than 1 second.

To turn off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

 (The activation modes were designed this way so that the Oui will not accidentally turn on in a purse or bag!)


To charge the Oui, firmly insert the pin charger into the small round hole on the side of the device, indicated by a DC symbol. It is on the portion of the Oui near the CERĒ logo. (Be sure not to insert the pin into the power button, which is on the tip of the device!)


Clean the Oui before and after each use.

To clean, gently wash the Oui with soap and water and pat dry.

The Oui is waterproof, so it is safe to fully submerge the Oui.


Do not fully insert the Oui into any bodily orifice.

The Oui is a pleasure tool, not a toy! Keep out of reach of children and pets.


According to various studies (summarized here), there are many health benefits associated with orgasm, including: improved immunity and cardiovascular health, strengthened pelvic floor, headache and pain relief, menopause symptom improvement, mental health benefits, and improved sleep. The Oui can help you achieve these benefits on the go.


Small and discreet, the Oui can go anywhere you do