Cerē at Mayo Clinic Transforming Women's Health

Cerē was invited to Mayo Clinic’s Transforming Women’s Health conference in Chicago, June 8-10. Hundreds of doctors and other healthcare providers came to learn about new research and innovations in women’s sexual health.

Dr. Lovie shared how she and Dr. Marashi engineered a line of pleasure tools to normalize the conversation around sexual pleasure. Dr. Lovie was also very eager to present the clitoral ultrasound protocol they developed. They use clitoral ultrasound (“Clitogram”) to help survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM). With ultrasound, they see that most of the clitoris remains intact (usually only the glans, the “tip of the clitoral iceberg” has been removed).

They also used this Clitogram protocol to see how clitoral blood flow increases after using an arousal gel on the vulva. This inspired them to create the Enchantment Gel.