Designed with Intention

Dr. Amir Marashi studied biomechanics for years, and Dr. Kimberly Lovie has an engineering degree from Harvard. We designed the Cerē tools ourselves. All of our pleasure tools are designed with intention. Each has a range of modes (vibrating, pulsating, and/or telescoping) to suit your individual needs. And each is made with medical grade silicone, with the same care we would design any medical device.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our tools' engineering specifications!


The Wand has a flexible head to adapt to your unique anatomy. It has an ergonomic handle, making it perfect for solo or partner play. It boasts 10 vibration settings, and a maximum  motor speed of 11,500 RPM.




The Oui is compact and portable, ideal for travel. It has 10 vibration settings, and a maximum motor speed of 8,500 RPM. 


The Lalalena is the first tool shaped like the clitoris. You can align the glans with your glans, and the crura/bulbs with your crura/bulbs. Or, since it’s flexible, you can flip and bend the Lalalena to find a position that’s most pleasurable for you. The Lalalena has 3 mighty motors! The glans motor speed is 10,000 RPM and each crura/bulb is 13,500 RPM. (It was a big engineering challenge for us to fit the glans motor into the body of the Lalalena, but we did it!)

Spellbound Stimulator

The Spellbound Stimulator has an air pulse end with 7 settings (motor speed 7,500 RPM) to stimulate the glans. It also has a vibrating end with 7 settings (motor speed 6,500 RPM) to be used internally or externally. The Spellbound Stimulator bends to your unique shape and stays in place.


The Piqué is a tool with 10 telescoping modes (motor speed 550 RPM) and 3 vibrating modes (motor speed 11,000 RPM).



The Reverie (aka “angle rectifier”) is a rectal tool that can help correct the vaginal angle (after a decrease in vaginal slope with age or childbirth). It can also correct uterine retroversion, a common cause of pain with intercourse (medical journal manuscript under review!) The Reverie comes in 3 sizes: the beginner Duo and Advanced. The Reverie is our only tool that does not vibrate.