Flattening of the vaginal angle is a natural process that occurs with age and childbirth. The vaginal angle can be corrected with VAGILANGELO™, a technique developed by Dr. Marashi that places sutures in the vagina to make it steeper. The Reverie can also restore the vaginal angle, no procedure needed. The Reverie can be inserted rectally to change the angle of your rectum. By proximity, changing your rectal angle can enhance the angle of the vaginal canal, giving way to new sensations you may never have experienced. The Reverie can be used alone for experimenting with safe anal play.

The Wand is a soft, nonporous, medical grade silicone vibrator. The flexible head adapts to your unique anatomy.

What's Inside: Reverie Duo + Wand + Enchantment Gel + Cerē tote bag

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